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Nurture Your Child’s Health and Development

Nurture Your Child’s Health and Development

As a parent, your child’s health is of utmost importance. Hence, finding the right provider of in-home child care in Sugar Land, Texas is of utmost importance. Pediatric care covers a broad range of health services to diagnose and treat acute and chronic diseases at a young age.

In this month’s blog, we will share how our child care services nurture your child’s wellness to promote healthy development:

  • Skilled nursing
    We provide skilled nursing services to address your child’s health care needs at home. This includes disease and medication management, as well as post-surgical management. Our nurses can provide assistance with bathing and personal care while assessing your child’s health to manage existing conditions and minimize the need for hospital visits.
  • Physical and occupational therapy
    Physical discomfort can affect a child’s development. Through pediatric therapy, we offer therapeutic intervention to improve your child’s quality of life. Our Physical Therapists can address mobility and balance issues, while our Occupational Therapists can improve your child’s coordination, perceptual-motor skills, and more.
  • Private duty nursing
    If your child is living with a disease or condition, our private duty nurses offer one-on-one care to ensure their health. This includes assistance with IV therapies, medication or injection administration, and more.

TFH Care Services is a leading provider of home health services in Texas. From pediatric care to home health services, we specialize in a broad range of services to meet your needs. Browse our site or get in touch with us to learn how we can assist you at home.

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