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First Aid Tips for Children at Home

First Aid Tips for Children at Home

Most children don’t have the same keen sense of danger and accidents as adults do. That’s why they are prone to small accidents such as bumps and falls. These small accidents are typically unavoidable, even when you already hire a caregiver offering quality home health services in Texas to watch over them around-the-clock.

Learn how to apply first aid for children at home. Here are some tips that should help you provide better in-home child care in Sugar Land, Texas:

  • Bumps
    For children suffering from a bump on the head, reduce the swelling with an ice pack. Let them take acetaminophen for pain, but never offer ibuprofen since this can increase bleeding which can eventually lead to brain injury. Keep an eye on their behavior and be sure to call a pediatrician if they show signs of vomiting, blurred vision, numbness, dizziness, or confusion.
  • Burns
    Cool the burnt area by holding it under the cool tap for 15 minutes. Then, apply antibiotic ointment. This ointment can help the skin cells regenerate as well as soothe the burning sensation.
  • Twisted Ankle
    Have the child elevate the twisted ankle above the heart level and apply an ice pack. Do this once every hour, for 15 minutes, over the next 48 hours. You can offer ibuprofen to the little one to reduce the swelling and pain. Avoid using heating pads or soaking the foot in warm water since this can increase pain and swell instead.

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