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When to Take Your Child to Physical Therapy

When to Take Your Child to Physical Therapy

The idea of your child getting physical therapy can be frightening as a parent. After all, the experience will be novel to your child; not to mention, the signs that warranted your idea may be a call for something far serious.

While the latter may be true, most of the time, their condition will be manageable and even treatable. However, you must make sure to take timely interventions so your child can reap the full benefits of the treatment.

To help you, we at TFH Care Services, as your trusted provider of home health services in Texas, have listed down some of the signs that can tell you when it is time to take your child to a physical therapist, including:

  • Chronic Pain
    If your child has been experiencing pain that is longer than 6 months, count on physical therapy to help reduce or even eliminate it.
  • Autism
    If your child has been diagnosed with autism, they will need physical therapy to improve their motor skill development along with other interventions.
  • General Developmental Delays
    General developmental delays are not always signs of a disease or injury; most of the time, they are simple milestone delays. Physical therapy can help your child achieve these milestones.
  • Injuries
    Injuries can greatly limit what your child can do in their developmentally important years. Physical therapy can not only treat their injury, but they can also find alternative ways they can complete their daily tasks while in recovery and improve their overall quality of life.

We offer this very service at our in-home child care in Sugar Land, Texas.

For inquiries about getting physical therapy with us as well as other pediatric therapy services for your child, please get in touch with us.

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